How to code BMW Cars – Everything you need to know

How to code BMW Cars
How to code BMW Cars

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If you don`t know what coding is or what it is used for then I will give you a starting point. You can avoid a trip to the dealer and diagnose your BMW through the OBD port and reset the errors your car might have. Maybe you want to install an option that your car didn`t have from the factory and you want to do it yourself? That can be easily done too!

Maybe you want to install xenon on your car that has factory halogen without any errors? Do you want to disable the annoying seat belt beep? Do you want to disable your corner lights and give your car a European look? Do you want your car to show you the real speed digitally on your dashboard? Want to retrofit a module on your car that requires programming by BMW after the install? You will be able to do this yourself and save a pretty penny. Auto High Beam Assistant activation? Disable auto Start Stop? This and much much more (almost anything) can be done through coding.
Watch the video below for just a few examples of what can be done through coding:

How does BMW car Coding Work?

There are several programs that let you enable or disable options on your car just like the dealer operates.

Anyway when messing around with your car`s options be sure you know what you`re doing first. Tutorials come in handy and it`s the best way to learn because other people have tested almost anything and everything you can think of. If you find it confusing or don`t know what to look for just read below and you will find out where is the best place to find everything that is needed in order to get started.

BMW`s have plenty of options that haven`t been activated on purpose by the factory and they consider those as being extra options and charge you in order to get what you want activated.

Here is what you need in order to start learning how to code a BMW car:

1. You need to buy a cable that connects your laptop computer to your BMW`s OBD port.

How to code BMW Cars

Ex Series Cable

For BMW Ex Series you need aK+DCAN BMW coding cable (You will find many cables on Amazon or eBay, just make sure to ask the seller if the cable will be compatible to your car. This is important only for Ex series coding because newer cars (2008 and up) will need a more expensive cable, not the cheapest) It`s usually a white transparent cable.


Fx Series Cable

For Fx Series coding you need aENET cable. You don`t have to buy the most expensive one, all ENET cables are the same so it`s simple to get the right cable.

Here is a great guide for installing, setting up Esys and psdzdata for BMW F series cars plus also coding how to`s:

TIP: The best cable for Ex series tested by many people is sold by One Stop Electronics, it`s a bit on the expensive side but it`s worth it 100%.

2. You need the software and tutorials that will teach you step by step how to code options for your car.


Where to find the BMW car coding software

Coding software and tutorials to get you started could easily cost a few hundred bucks and it`s very hard to find a complete collection. The links we mentioned earlier will get you started coding the same day if you already have the cable. The installation instructions are easy to follow and the tutorials are step by step so even if you are a newbie, you`ll do just fine!

UPDATE: BMW Coding – F Series Cars

For F series cars the Software is called E-SYS and it needs a token in order to code certain modules. The token is provided also so you can start coding right away.

BMW F Series are full of goodies and options that you will be able to enable or disable, so the guys from also provide an unlimited token solution. That way you won`t need to worry about anything.

UPDATE: There has been a lot of rumor that newer 2015 F Series BMW`s can no loger be programmed because the latest psdzdata has trimmed files and when you want to edit a module you will only see dots, no description, no anything so you don`t stand a chance of coding anything without knowing what you are doing. Some people tried to use files from older psdzdata versions, renaming them etc. This is not a good practice because not only the descriptions are trimmed, but the newer psdzdata even contain more values for newer cars. If you are in this situation, no worries, that`s already been solved.

BMW F30 Coding Examples

In the video there are just a few options shown, there are many more mods possible, you just have to try them out, it`s pretty easy once you get used to it.
Coding BMW`s is a fun process once you get the hang of it and you can discover new mods by yourself once you are sure what you`re doing. You can and it`s recommended to save the unaltered module files and then you can start to mess around with different options and parameters.

I for one managed to find some values that nobody else has found yet but keeping those secret for now because once I learned coding I started also making money from this side activity.

UPDATE: I managed to disable the dimming and color change of the cluster so that it remains white all the time. This is really cool! I never liked the orange look of the cluster.

UPDATE: I also managed to add Enhanced Bluetooth and Smartphone Integration with SMS now showing on the navigation screen and I`m able to also voice dictate messages! That`s a $500 option from BMW, it`s no longer included as standard.

BMW Coding Software Error Codes


– If you are not getting the two black dots in INPA it means you don`t have a connection to your car. Check the cable connection, go to device manager and check if your connection is set to COM1 and the latency to 1ms. If the error in NCS EXPERT when trying to read an ecu persists it means you have a faulty cable or it`s not compatible with your car chassis/build year.


– If you can`t read FA or Read SVT/Read ECU, check the setting in EDIABAS/Ediabas konfigurator and see if it`s set to ENET Connection. If it`s set to STD:OBD you need to change the connection setting.

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