INNOVA 3160RS Pro (Review and Buying Guide)

INNOVA 3160RS Pro is a flexible scan tool for beginners, car enthusiasts and professional mechanics, offering more than enough interesting features. It has a system-wide network scan that can scan and check engines, transmissions, ABS and SRS modules, and TPMS Read provides tire pressure reading and diagnostics and sensor data. More specifically, innova 3160RS’ RepairSolutions2 application capabilities allow users to access proven fixes, exact parts needed for fixes, maintenance plans, etc.

It is Suitable for Who?

As mentioned before, the INNOVA 3160RS Pro is not only perfect for professional technicians that require trustworthy and heavy-duty equipment to perform their jobs but also for any other car owner.

Highlights Feature

Optional OBD1 Compatibility: If you work on cars produced prior to 1996, you will need the OBd1 scanner orr OBD1 adapter for the OBD2 scanner. INNOVA offers an OBD1 adapter for a small additional fee to make the 3160RS OBD1 compatible.

INNOVA 3160RS Pro Highlighted Functions
  • More than a dozen parameters displayed on the screen at the same time
  • Real-time data display
  • Can cover OBD1 vehicles
  • Tire pressure monitor system reader
  • Battery Test/Reset function
  • Oil Reset function
  • Smog emissions test simulation
  • ABS and SRS code clearing functionality
  • ABS bleeding capability
  • Battery test function
  • Works with hybrid vehicles