OBDLink MX Plus OBD2 Bluetooth Scanner review

OBDLink MX Plus is one of the best OBD2 Bluetooth scanners can diagnose and display and help clear error code.

It uses a Bluetooth wireless router that connects to Android, iOS and Windows devices by the OBDLink app or third-party apps, this can be a great feature application available on the Appstore(OBDLink® for iOS), Chplay (ex: OBDLink® for Android,…) or OBDwiz for Windows for computers.
OBDLink MX plus OBD2 Bluetooth is a small scanner that connects to the vehicle via the OBD2 port. It can read and clear check engine light codes, ABS and SRS on many vehicles, show fuel usage, provide TPMS, etc.


Read and Clear ABS/SRS trouble codes

OBDLink MX plus is capable of reading all ABS and SRS related codes and lets you know if they are working correctly or not.

Read and TPMS trouble codes

Tire Pressure Monitoring System monitors the air pressure inside the tire and alerts you if it is low, helping to prevent accidents and ensure you have a happy ride.

Apps and Updates

Supported by the OBDLink app or third-party apps, this can be a great feature. OBDLink MX Plus can work with dozens of applications like OBDLink MX, Dashcommand, Forscan, Torque, etc.

Why should you buy OBDLink MX +?

  • It provides an update on the screen faster and more graphical points.
  • Works with any smartphone or tablet with Android, IOS or Windows
  • Using a Bluetooth connection
  • Live data you can collect and share any vehicle powered data
  • Easy to read and clear check engine light

Who should buy?

The OBDLink MX+ is a scanner for DIY and beginners as it provides realistic live data reading, reading and erasing ABS/SRS, TPMS, etc.

Note: OBDLink MX + not use for Hybrid and Electric vehicles