Autel AutoLink AL519 OBD II/EOBD Code Reader

Autel AL519 Color Screen OBDII/CAN Scan Tool4.3 out of 5 stars

When you are looking for a versatile, affordable scan tool that has plenty of options and features, you may want to consider the Autel AL519. This tool brings plenty of features and technology to your garage, and has a system that allows for easy navigation and access.While the Autel AL519 has many features and modes, there are a couple of things missing from the tool that may make you hesitate.So is the Autel AL519 right for you? Let’s take a look and see…

The Autel AL519 usually costs around $80 to $120, depending on where you are purchasing the unit and whether you’re buying new or used. This is the medium price range for scan tools. There are basic units for less than $50 and advanced tools that cost upwards of $300. Of course, if you’re a trained technician, you can find scan tools for $3,000 or more, but for most people, the Autel AL519 is priced around the middle.

Advantages of the Autel AL519

Works in all 10 Modes: The Autel Autel AL519 is designed to work in all 10 diagnostic modes, including advanced Mode 6. This means you’ll have everything from basic reading and clearing codes to advanced modes for oxygen sensors and retrieving vehicle information like VIN and specific calibrations.

I/M Readiness Button: One of the most useful features on the Autel AL519 is the I/M readiness monitor button that delivers quick access to I/M status. The AL519 holds a patented one-click system, so you can check the vehicle with one push of the clearly-marked “I/M” button, located on the face of the tool. If you live in a state where emission inspections are required, this function will give you immediate access to your car’s status. You still will have to take the vehicle in for an official inspection, but the Autel AL519 can tell you ahead of time if the vehicle will need to be serviced for emission issues.

Printable data: If you plan on doing advanced research on your vehicles, then you may enjoy the printable data function. The Autel AL519 connects with a computer to send information and charts straight to your printer. This function can be especially handy if you need to take information with you to the repair shop or parts store. Simply print out the data and take it with you wherever you need to go. This is also easier than saving the information in your tool and trying to recall it every time you need it.

Built in speaker system: While this one may fall into the “bells and whistles” category, (as opposed to “practical features” category) the tool comes with built-in speakers that provide an audible tone every three minutes when the vehicle becomes ready. So if you are distracted by another task or searching for the right wrench at the bottom of your tool box, the Autel AL519 will give you an audible tone, informing you when the vehicle is ready and helping you stay on task.

Common set-backs for the Autel AL519

No ABS or SRS Diagnosis: Many technicians and weekend mechanics will miss the addition of an ABS (anti-lock brake system) and the SRS (air bags) functions that are found on other tools. Tools with this system can help you determine the problem when your car’s ABS or Air Bag light activates. Having a mechanic diagnose these issues can be costly, so it’s helpful to have a tool that can perform this function. It should be noted, however, that the ABS and Air Bag lights aren’t as common as the “Check Engine” light, so the chances of needing these functions is smaller.

Final Diagnosis

The Autel AL519 may be a great tool for you and your garage, but you’ll want to be sure you won’t need the ABS function and you don’t mind paying around $80 when cheaper and more basic models are available.

If you do choose the Autel AL519, you’ll get a versatile scan tool with multiple functions, including all ten diagnostic modes. You’ll be able to do just about everything you could with many higher-priced tools, and you’ll even have the audible speaker system, which, if nothing else, will be nice for showing off in your garage.

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