BAFX Products 34t5 Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices Review

Quality but cheap OBD2 scanning machines are sometimes hard to find. However, the BAFX Products Bluetooth OBD2 Scan Tool have come up with some new high quality scan machines which will just blow your mind away. The astonishing part about them is the pricing and the manner in which they are made to work, amazing!

BAFX products are not a household name in the area of OBD2 scan machine manufacturer and sales. However, they have cut a niche for being a reliable customer friendly product manufacturer. This, they have achieved through their high level research and human resource engagement which has seen then come up with the Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool from BAFX products which is used to check engine light & diagnostics. The uniqueness in this OBD2 scan is that it is Android ONLY compatible.

Why should buy BAFX OBD2 scan tool?

With the several array of unique characteristics, the scan tool is likely to exhibit the following benefits;

  • Cost effective- none of OBD2 scanner I have encountered in my long usage has been this cheap. This is in spite of the wide user functional abilities it has. Unlike most of its competitors, the BAFX OBD2 scan tool offers money’s worth of services at an amazingly lower price.
  • Reliability– I can tell you for sure that if you are in the United States, then you can rely on this OBD2 scan tool to work on your car. It doesn’t matter the brand. In this regard, the scan tool has alleviated a lot of suffering of motorists who do not even have an iota of hope of finding a compatible OBD2 scan tool. Moreover, its wide coding is surely able to deliver just what you need, a clean scan for your car.

Author review

It would be nice if you are looking for quality and cheap OBD2 scan, you can go for the BAFX scan tool. Most of its competitors offer theirs at quite exorbitant prices. This in spite of the superior quality the BAFX scan tool has over its other competing OBD2 scan tools.  If you are in the United States, this scan tool alone is enough; you need no assortment of scan tools in your household.

Things We Liked

  • Easy to use– It is clear that the android application currently rules the technology world. The smart phones are Android compliant and using this application makes the scan to be one easy to use implement.
  • Wide compatibility– The BAFX scan tool is known to work on almost all vehicles which are OBD2 compliant. In this regard, the likelihood of using one scan for all your vehicle brands. This is a cost cutting measure worth grabbing.
  • Good coding– With over 3000 codes within its reach both generic and manufacturer specific, the OBD2 scan tool is found to be a rather better companion to its other competitors.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It may not work with some applications on your smart phones or PC. For instance, its use with IOS compliant gadgets is one in question.

BAFX OBD2 features

The following are the features which make this OBD2 scan to stand out among most of its competitors;

  • BAFX Products Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool adapter

    Bafx product adapter with all proper components

    Wide coding capacity with both manufacture specific and generic codes covered. This enables the scan cover a wide variety of vehicle brands. In fact, its coding capacity can be measured to cover at least 3000 codes.

  • Wide range of compatible vehicle models especially within the United States where OBD2 compliance is entrenched. The BAFX Products Bluetooth OBD2 scan tool has been seen to be compatible virtually with every car model in the United States. However, in other countries without OBD2 laws, it is rather a challenge.
  • A functionality with the ability to read, clear trouble codes, make O2 sensor readings, embedded open type (EOT) codes, Revs, Throttle, Boost and Speed Fuel Trim readings. In addition, the OBD2 scan has the capacity to turn off the engine and check engine light which are not available in most of the convectional scan tools in the market.
  • It has an Easy to use function with ability to work with the android phone application on the phone, tablet or laptop. This makes it quite relevant in the current technological dispensation where smart phones have become the order of the day. The use with android phone is likely to be the reason for its wide acceptability in the US market. In addition, the smart phone application enables it to be easily updatable.
  • It has a limited user warranty of 1 year covering certain specific areas which is also good for the user for as long as the gadget lasts.
  • It has Compatibility with most OBD2 compliant vehicles. However, the coverage of generic codes is a clear pointer that this BAFX scan tool has the capacity to cover some older versions including some OBD1 compliant vehicles.
  • Standing at only 8 x 4.2 x 1.5 inches, this USB shaped scan tool can serve more than its size. In addition, it is 2.4 ounces in weight, quite a low weight which cannot even cause an alarm if you slip it into your pocket.
  • Durability with the manufacturer giving a word on the capacity of the USB adapter lasting as long as your vehicle user life may last. In this regard, there is no need for extra OBD2 scan tools in your house hold.

How to install and use

The process of using this OBD2 scan tool will be well established if you got an application which works on it. The application is usually got for free or bough at an amazing price of $1 or less in APP stores. This can be on your PC or phone. With the application, the OBD2 scan tool works when plugged onto you’re your engine perfectly. At its size, you can plug it in and leave it to stay there.


Having used several OBD2 other scan tools, I can reliably tell you this is a this OBD2 scan tool. At its price, the BAFX scan tool offers more than most of its competitors. You are bound to save more in terms of cash and relevant skill resources if you went for the scan tool, have a try.

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