BlueDriver Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool

Review Summary

BlueDriver is an expert problem-solving Scanner, authorized for Apple and Android devices. In this device features of a sophisticated scanner are coupled with the marvelous technology in your smartphone, giving you a unique tool to count on.

Why should buy BlueDriver scanner?

Using this OBD II scan tool is bound to come with several unique benefits.

Efficiency: the manner as scope of the scan tool code reading gives the user an air of efficient reception of fault codes. This is especially enabled with the live data and freeze data function allowing for better analysis of the data. The supported function of drop box saving makes the scanned data to be easy to decode.
Cost effectiveness: for its price, the scan tool gives the user more than he could bargain for. In giving the user the data in a timely manner and providing the fault repair reports, the tool is regarded as one of the best do it yourself (DIY) OBD scan tools in the market. This makes the user to save substantially on the cost of mechanic visits.

Getting an OBD 2 scan tool with an interface to use across the several mobile phone applications of android, iPhone and even those with the iPad ones can be quite a challenge. This is not to say the functional strengths of any OBD II scan may be measured from its coverage.

Is it recommended?

If there is a tool I can recommend to any user, then this is the one. The BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool offers what every OBD scan tool user may dream of. With its nice look and the several enabling user friendly features, you are bound to get the best bargain in the market. However, this opinion is not cast in stone and the prospective user has the liberty to go round the market. What you need to bear in mind is your car model.

Things We Liked

It is easy to use- the BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool based on its Bluetooth connectivity and the mobile application connections is an easy to use scan tool. The nature of its connectivity is even rather the most convenient one with either the wireless or cable connectivity choices.

Wider data coding- with this tool, the user has the assurance of receiving wider data code reading. This enhances the process of fault code repairs with several pages of data at one scan.

User friendly- it is no wonder that most users enjoy the use of the blue driver OBD scan tool with its easy to load and funny interface. The display screen is even more enhanced with better visual effects for the convenience of the user.

Things We Didn’t Like

Though like most technical devices it may in one way or the other develop problems, the BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool does not have one for now worth reporting. The few hiccups with its use are usually well sorted out just by following the user manual.

Product Overview

The only OBD II scan tool which solves these and more is the BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool with the interface that has the coverage for iPhone, iPad and Android. Made by the Lemur vehicle monitors, the tool has an exciting touch to the process of vehicle scan with its unique functions.

BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII use with iphone

It is however the overall look of the OBD 2 scan tool that will leave you speechless. With a design to match the several other features, it is bound to make the scan process as easy as it is destined to be. Looking at the scan tool features, it is worth admitting that this tool warrants being put among the best OBD II scan tools in the market.

BlueDriver Features

The BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool has several unique features that combine to make it the best tool it is. Some of the features of this tool include;

  • It has a drop box data saving function which connects the scanned data to the owner’s drop box. This makes access to the data in future quite convenient. The saving function helps the user with the capacity to even consult a technician if the fault persists.
  • The OBD II scan tool display is well formed with enough visual effects to enable the user get the relevant data in a cool, nice and friendly to the eye manner.
  • The scan tool works on any tool with the capacity to connect on Bluetooth giving it a better punch to give the user efficient and reliable data on any of the OBD II protocols in the market. In this regard, it may not require the use of several USB cables to connect, you only need to pair through the Bluetooth and the scan process commences.
  • The BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool has the read and clear data function which is important in giving the user prompt data readings and at the same time refreshers the OBD memory for the reception of more codes. It is in this that the code scanner has a bigger capacity as compared to some of the tools in the market.
  • The data coding function of the BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool is more enhanced with the ability to give live data readings as well as the freeze data. In addition, the OBD scan tool has the capacity to give the user several test readiness readings which include the smog readiness check mode 6, the data fault repair reports as well as the graphic presentation of the whole data reading.
  • It is enhanced with an application which allows for its use on the several mobile phone interfaces with the only simple requirement being the need for conducting a simple download. In addition, the BlueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII Scan Tool App can be accessed on the iTunes and Google for free and the all popular Amazon app. store where it is got at relatively lower price.
  • The OBD II scan tool has a small size which is good for its navigation and use. At 5 inches by 3.3 inches by 2.2 inches, its storage after use may not be a bother. In addition, the weight is amazingly low at only 3.2 ounces
  • Has wide compatibility with newer cars made after the OBD II came into effect being within its scan range. The mobile usability has even increased its overall user coverage given that the refresher ability of the tool is more enhanced with the Bluetooth function.
How to use blueDriver – Bluetooth Professional OBDII scan


Having this tool will one of the best things that could happen in the life of any OBD II scan tool user. Though there are others in the market which promise almost the same line of action, its line is unique. The user has the liberty to check, but if it’s in my power I advise you to go for this wonderful tool.

The combination of Bluetooth technology and the comprehensive app itself makes for one of the best tool to hit car owners and DIY mechanics since the ratchet wrench.

If you want to truly understand what’s happening under the hood of a modern vehicle, this is a tool you won’t want to be without.

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