Innova 3160g Code Reader Scan Tool OBD2

Why should buy Innova 3160g:

The Innova 3160g is the best OBD2 scanner for mechanical, it has just about everything you could want, including 3.5″ Color Screen, live data the ability to read ABS/SRS codes and display other engine conditions that many tools don’t show.
Bluetooth app connect, Reset Battery Maintenance Lights and Initialize vehicle batteries.
Customers have generally had a lot of positive things to say about its ability to read and erase the ABS/SRS codes.
The really cool thing about this device is it can graph, display and record the data in real time. If you’re someone who likes to know exactly what is going on in the device and your vehicle, then this is the perfect tool for you to use. And if you have an older OBD1 vehicle, you have the option for an upgrade to use it on those as well!

Key Features Innova 3160g:

  • 3.5″ Color Screen
  • Stream, record, and graph real-time Live Data for a more precise diagnosis.
  • Bluetooth App Compatibility
  • Connect OBD 1 port by Accessories Ford OBD1 Adapter, Toyota OBD1 Adapter, OBD1 Extension Cable,…
  • Reset Battery Maintenance Lights and Initialize vehicle batteries.

Basic Features Innova 3160g

  • It has an anti-lock brake system (ABS) which is meant to speed up the manner in which the braking system works. The hydraulic system improves it even further. This is further made to work with a combination of several sensors which enable the OBD2 coding easier.
  • A safety/ supplement restraint system (SRS) which is in most common within the air bag. The system if fitted activates itself and is able to warn the vehicle occupants if there is a fault. This is usually in the form of a light sensor. When it blinks, the engine system is faulty and needs some action.
  • Has a unique coding feature which makes it compatible with several models of vehicles ranging from the newer versions of the OBD2 scan to the older models.
  • A live data relay system made possible by the enabled improvements through the society for automotive engineers (SAE). This helps the technician to be able to get the data quickly and in the process be able to act on the areas where there is fault.
  • It has a relative light weight of 2.5 pounds, making it just a perfect driver companion.
  • A USB data transfer mechanism which is possible through connection to any personal computer. This can also enable the technician print the OBD2 scanned data for further action.
  • Innova 3160g Bluetooth App Compatibility
  • It has a clear and concise accessory list all in a soft pouch; these include the ever important USB cable the OBD2 cable for connecting to the vehicle engine and a reference guide.
  • It has a high compatibility ratio with several new OBD2 vehicle models and other known OBD1 models. The ability to decipher both manufacture specific and generic codes makes it rather fit within this category. However, certain emission restrictions are noted to exist with its use.


  • An advanced tool for the professional tech, yet user-friendly for the DIYer. The 3160 scan tool is a great choice for anyone looking to stream & record Live Data, diagnose Check Engine, ABS and SRS Lights, Reset Oil & Battery Maintenance Lights, or Initialize Batteries!
  • Bluetooth App Compatibility


  • There aren’t a lot of bad things to say about the Innova 3160g, but it’s definitely not a perfect device. With so many features, you can imagine the price is going to be a little higher.
  • To connect OBD1 you can have Accessories OBD1 Adapter or OBD1 Extension Cable
  • To buy Accessories you can search keyword “OBD1 Extension Cable” at amazon!


Considering all the Pros and Cons of the Innova 3160g, is it worth investing in? Innova 3160g provides you with data readings and analysis. Some of the data readings are very advanced and might not be of any use for a beginner. However, it does let you store the data to send for further analysis by experts.
With 3.5″ Color Screen and live data will better in control and diagnostic your car

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